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How to clean & maintain your PreGra® Artificial Grass

Cleaning your artificial grass surfaces is as easy to do as maintaining any other deck, patio or porch, exposed to outdoor elements.

Simply put – for best performance, keep the surfaces free of debris!

You can use your popular landscape tools; though metal pronged rakes are discouraged as they may tear or rip at the artificial grass blades.

Seeds can blow ONTO the grass surfaces and with water and sun, they will germinate. If you see a sprouting plant, simply pick it out. Treating the surfaces with chemicals is never necessary, however you may see the occasional “volunteer” weed, grow; just remove it, before it goes to seed.

Best tools to use are rakes, brooms and brushes with nylon or “plastic” tips, prongs and tines – NO METAL.

A great tool, made for the job, is a “SHAG” carpet rake – a grooming tool used by many janitorial professionals for re-conditioning a carpet’s surface fibers.

This professional tool will have (approximately) 2 inch nylon tines and look a like a large comb on a long pole. The carpet rake’s head can dig deep into the artificial grass fibers and pull up matted blades while it can also free debris trapped between them.


Use a leaf blower to remove loose debris from the surfaces – gather leaves, sticks and organic materials and remove them, as you would on any natural lawn. Combine raking and blowing at the same time to loosen and remove deeply ground in materials from between the blades.

Doggy go Do Do? Okay, now what?

Handle your pet’s “elimination routine” as you would on any other surface by REMOVING SOLIDS and treating areas where urine has been deposited.

DO NOT USE WATER TO SIMPLY RINSE AWAY SOLIDS – this will carry the debris across more surface area. Pick UP the solids, and TREAT the areas where urination is most probable, to sanitize and deodorize the artificial grass surfaces.

The artificial grass surfaces can handle your K9s daily business, it’s the accumulation of materials, left behind, that can make the surfaces unpleasant – just like dirt, cement, wood and other materials can become tainted, so too will the artificial grass surfaces.

For the best performance – keep solids picked up and treat areas where your animal urinates, regularly, from the very start.

Many enzyme urine and odor removing carpet cleaning products are liquid and can be easily applied using a sprayer or pump nozzle. A few products are available as dry crystals that you mix into warm water and then apply. Either type of product, as a liquid, is best applied using a pressure spray bottle (available in most garden departments) – approximately 1 gallon per 500 square feet (SF).

And as always, Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for product handling and use.

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