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Artificial Grass Rake

PreGra Artificial Grass Rake for Installation & Grooming



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Item Description

This handy ‘shag carpet rake’ is ideal for use when installing artificial grass granulated ‘infill’, and also for back-raking newly installed grass to plump up the surface blades.


Long term, this artificial grass rake can handle helping maintain your artificial grass project, too! Use it to clean your surfaces, alone or along with the use of a leaf blower.

The long nylon tines can comb through the lush artificial grass blades, safely, without abrasion.

The raking action helps to life up matted areas, and pull out small debris, which can be removed with a lawn rake or blower; or both.

We’ve selected a rake with nylon tines (bristles) because they won’t harm the blade materials so that you can feel confident using it, as often as you want.

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